Saturday, April 12, 2014


I'm encouraging Jose Rodriquez to explore his interest in 3D art making. I met Jose years ago when we used to hold life-drawing sessions in the old gallery space and he was an regular participant. I delighted in his life-drawing, and although he was unschooled in art making, he had an enthusiasm that was reflected in his lovely drawings. I'm even a bit more taken by his sculpture. Jose had been telling for months that he was creating small, cardboard homages to the large Picasso sculpture here in Chicago's Daley Plaza. And when he brought the first one in I was immediately smitten. All materials are found at his work place (he works in construction), and I believe the sculptures are made without a template. There are two in the gallery now and I urging him to make more.

Jose Rodriguez - Homage to Picasso 2 - 3x4x7 inchesFound Cardboard and Jewelry Boxes, Silver Paint

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review of Michelle's Show at Longview Gallery in The Washington Post

Michelle Peterson-Albandoz 
By Mark Jenkins

...some of the pieces in Michelle Peterson-Albandoz’s “reWood” also resemble modernist paintings, but that’s by design. The Chicago artist combines small pieces of found lumber into large collages such as “Starry Night Construction,” whose interlocking near-triangles swirl in patterns that echo Van Gogh’s famed canvas. If the work Peterson-Albandoz is showing at Long View Gallery is tidier and more decorative than that in her previous exhibition at the same gallery, that’s partly because it’s modeled on such meticulous styles as de Stijl (“Black, Red & Yellow”) and minimalism (“The X’s 1-8”). But the wood’s weathered textures give depth and variety, as well as wit, to the orderly assemblages. “Color Field,” for example, includes hundred of small rectangles in many hues, but close inspection reveals that the ones that protrude the farthest are unpainted. It’s a color field that submerges color.

On view through March 16 at Long View Gallery, 1234 Ninth St. NW;

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Photographs From Michelle's Opening Reception at Longview Gallery in DC

Michelle has a show in Washington DC at Longview Gallery ( It opened on Friday February 20 and will run until March 16, 2014. I was given a quick studio visit last week and the work looked amazing. Below are a few photo from the opening reception.
The Main Gallery with Michelle's Work
Eight Panels of X's
Black and White and a little Red
Something New
Large Horizontal
Elena and Michelle

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

In The Gallery - February/March

Michael McGuire will be doing an yet unnamed 'drawing project' in the gallery for February and March. The gallery will become his studio and he plans on occupying almost every day. Las Manos will still be having regular gallery hours, and you are welcome to drop in anytime Michael is in the gallery. 
West Wall of the Gallery with Michaels' Drawings
Michael McGuire - Untitled (White City 2)
Acrylic Paint on Archival Mat Board - 32 x 40 inches

Sunday, January 12, 2014

In The Gallery - Tricia Rumbolz

The Las Manos December Show continues and includes these mesmerizing pieces by Tricia Rumbolz. The materials are 'Archival Art Pen on Panel' and Tricia evidences her usual exacting conceptual approach and technique.

From a recent artists statement by Tricia:
Before I begin the physical process, I distill an idea down to its basic aesthetic
components. This establishes mental clarity, and enables me to capture a sense
of immediacy in the work. I articulate the visual information with a straightforward
systematic style, so the steps involved in making the work are apparent to the
viewer. The intention is to reveal the structure of the act, and show how beauty
can be achieved through the simplest of means.
My visual language often consists of lines, dots, text, and geometric shapes. I am
interested in how minimal, repetitious, hand-made marks reveal aspects of time,
energy, and space. Drawing allows the hand to perform like a sensor, and a
point of convergence between these interacting forces. The resulting image is a
visual imprint of the actual activity. It also represents a micro/macro relationship
between the visual details and their aggregate formations.
In a sense, each piece is a mini experiment, consisting of a specific range of
operating parameters, which produce a unique set of characteristics. The goal is
to transmute and transcribe a multi-dimensional spatiotemporal experience onto
a 2-dimensional surface. If successfully made, the visual information expressed
holds within it the culminating effect of a synthesis of otherwise invisible

4 Focal Points, 1338 Lines

Sunday, January 5, 2014