Saturday, October 9, 2010

Andersonville Arts Weekend

October is Chicago Artist Month and Las Manos
helped celebrate by participating in the
Andersonville Arts Weekend, inspiring hundreds
of people to walk through the neighborhood.

A bronze sculpture by Dominic Sansone.

New photographs by artist Michael
McGuire graced the Gallery as well as
Scout, a business across the street from
Las Manos.

New works by painter Chuck Meyers.

Artist Lindsey Clark-Ryan and her work titled
"Manatee Adventure."

Viewers look at Clark-Ryan's piece "Baffle."

Jeremy Tubbs' Blotter Print of the "L." Tubbs
also works in duct tape.

New works by John Mosher.

Artist Dominic Sansone stands with his bronze
piece titled "Invaders must Die."

Sansone's bronze piece.

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