Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jay Fernandez at the Center on Halsted

Las Manos Gallery Intern Jay Fernandez has his body of
work titled "The Other Side" at the Center on Halsted in
Boystown through August.

"The Other Side" features two styles of work. First is
Fernandez's colored magazine pages ripped from their
bindings and worked into with paint marker. The faces
of models and scenes are blacked out to evoke the feeling
that the subjects are silent and menacing.

His work on canvas and panel is inspired by "black reflections,"
which oscillate between shiny reflective materials in the work
and matt areas that lack light. These pieces are meant to get a
viewer to reflect on themselves, seeing not a real reflection but
what they really are.

The show is on the third floor of the Center.

Fernandez at the opening

"Black Halo"

"Long Drive"


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