Saturday, February 18, 2012

Las Manos Gallery Opening Reception!

Artist Michael McGuire, left, chats with a gallery patron during the opening. McGuire uses multiple images of similar subject matter and stitches them together in collage-style photographs.

Work by Juan Fernandez

Images by Sloan Tomlinson (right), created by over-exposure, cross-processing and manipulation during printing.

Antonio Martinez stands with a few images from his new series "Self Help & Impractical Demands"

Young Sun Han with his work "Belated Ceremony" (left) and "Dance of the Cockatrice" (right).

Lara Dorsett stands with gallery patron Don McDevitt during the opening. Dorsett's work was taken in Berlin, Germany.

Paul Clark stands with one of his Fuji Instaprint grids.

Mark Pease with his "Underground" series.

Mieke Zuiderweg stand with some of her "Reflections" photographs, taken with a Holga camera on medium format film.

Antonio Martinez's work.

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