Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fragmentos Opening at Las Manos Gallery

The opening for the "Fragmentos" show on Friday, June 8th

New reclaimed wood pieces by Michelle Peterson-Albandoz.

Michael McGuire stands with a few of his new collage pieces.

Michelle Peterson-Albandoz with her split oak trunk with reclaimed wood elements.

Tricia Rumbolz  with her "Yantra" Series.

Mieke Zuiderweg stands with one of Michelle Peterson-Albandoz's branch pieces.

Work by McGuire

New Work by Peterson-Albandoz

Artists Paul Clark and Steven Green are framed in one of Michelle Peterson-Albanodoz's reclaimed wood pieces.

Ceramic works by Mieke Zuiderweg

Michael McGuire shows a few of his India ink on cereal box collages during the opening.

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