Monday, September 17, 2012

Help Las Manos Gallery Transition into a new space!

Las Manos Gallery moving to a new location in November!
1515 W. Foster Ave, Chicago, Il. 60640
Although we are not ready to depart our location on Clark Street, we have decided to bow out and start over. It is hard to fight progress in the name of profit when, like many cultural touchstones around the city, we struggle to keep afloat during this recession. Fittingly enough a storefront has opened up at 1515 W. Foster Ave., a block from our current space, but more importantly it is still located in Andersonville.  The space is gritty, but there is great potential to recreate the gallery's unique environment. We will renovate in October and reopen to the public soon after. We hope that we can continue to serve artists from around Chicago and remain a vital part of this city’s cultural identity.

If you would like to help Las Manos Gallery re-establish in Andersonville please join us for our "Construction Party" on Saturday/Sunday October 13/14 from noon-5pm. Bring a paint roller, some work boots and unbridled enthusiasm!

Thank you for the support!

Las Manos

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