Saturday, April 27, 2013

Las Manos Gallery Photo Show Opening!

Gallery Owner Michelle Peterson-Albandoz chats with Artist Marcos Raya during the Photography Show opening on Friday evening. Raya has a show at She Art through the end of May!

Emily Franklin stands next to her photographed titled "It's my Party!"

Photographer Gywnne Johnson stands with an image from her "This Doubtful Paradise" series.

More of "This Doubtful Paradise" as explained by the artist!

Jim Van Bibber with a few of his photographs on aluminum

Photographer Juan Fernandez stands with his "Facade" works

Lots of photograpy lovers at the show.

Photographer Mark Pease and his "Underground" series. Images of the London Tube absent of human life- a study on emptiness and in between spaces.

Pease's Underground series.

Paul Clark shares the front windows with sculptor Eric Gushee's pieces. We just couldn't resist pairing the two considering they both love grids and metal configurations!

Photographer Paul Clark's wife Lauri stands with his work on Friday eve. Lauri represented Paul while he was out of town.

Stockings matched the work. Nice touch Lauri!

Michelle chats with Artist Steven Green about his newer work. 

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