Sunday, October 20, 2013

Las Manos November Show - Mark Pease

Climb Into Space
A solo exhibition by Mark Pease

Mark Pease is a multimedia artist working with photography, painting, prints, and animation. During his 10-year career, Mark has shown work in over 40 exhibitions nation-wide. His work deals with spatial scenarios set up by warping and stretching conventions of perspective and Euclidian geometry to present events that challenge the viewers’ ability to measure distance and space. Pease obtained a BFA at Indiana University and an MFA at the University of Pennsylvania, and currently lives and works in Carbondale, IL.
Using a highly parsed visual vocabulary, Mark Pease expresses and explores a depth of concept. Inspired by a consumer nostalgia, Pease silk-screens and airbrushes reduced geometric forms, evoking crisp, new materials, architectural surfaces, and “basically, stuff you see at the mall.” All this in a creamy, plastic-injection-mold color palette.

At first glance, Pease’s work says “factory made perfection,” but a closer look reveals the subtle trace of his hand.

While pleased by the results of silk-screening, a desire for a larger scale and a canvas support necessitated the innovation of a new method. Informed by his work in sign shops and house painting, Pease pioneered a process of digital drawing, hand-cut vinyl, and acrylic airbrushing. 

Inspired by the “flat relief” of air vents, Pease creates images that simultaneously appear flat and three-dimensional. In his newest work, Pease continues to limit variables in the digital drawing process. Pease admits that “on a computer, it’s easy to make something look cool fast.” Yet he practices a certain restrain, maintaining subtlety and remaining at the cusp of 2D and 3D.

In the end, a tranquil aesthetic and a conceptual tug make Pease’s work both pleasing and interesting to view.

Climb Into Space opens Friday, November 1st, 7-10pm. Join us for a visit with
the artist. Light refreshments will be served. Show runs through November.

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