Saturday, July 5, 2014

Small Eric Gushee Sculpture

Eric Gushee created an amazing, oversized outdoor sculpture for the gallery last year. It snakes across our back courtyard, floating above our heads like a rusty, metallic cloud.
Eric Gushee Outdoor Sculpture
He also makes smaller sculptures and we have one in the gallery this month. It is made out of 'rebar wire' that is 'woven' into the organic, hive-like shapes. All of Eric's sculptures have a graphic appeal, and often feel like three dimensional drawings, changing as the viewer moves around the piece. His sculptures all have a bit of movement to them and the one in the gallery has a matte black finish. Smaller in scale than most of his work, perfect for an urban living space, it can hang off a wall or sit on a table top.

Eric Gushee - Untitled - Rebar Wire - 18x18x12 inches
Eric Gushee - Detail

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