Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New Show Opening April 1, 2016

Glitchy seems like good word to describe the current state of the world. I do not know if it the most accurate description of current work from Michelle and Michael, but it does seem to capture something of the layered, collage-like quality of the most recent pieces from each of them. I hope you can join us on Friday, April 1 to share in a cocktail and take a look at what we have been up to since the new year began.

It is a good night to go out! Chuck Meyers is opening a show of his newest paintings around the corner at Scout, they look amazing.

And Nicholas Zahn of Degenerate Art Gallery, has created a pop-up gallery a few block north on Clark Street that promises to be a fun show.

Andersonville is becoming quite the Art Mecca. Hope to see you all.

Pieces shown above left to right:

Michelle Peterson Albandoz - Ocean Park #29 - 80"H x 24"W x 2"D

Michael McGuire - Untitled Panel - 12'H x 12"D x .75"D

Michael McGuire - Untitled Panel - 12'H x 12"D x .75"D

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