Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Remodernist Show

The artists taking part of the exhibition at Las Manos Gallery specifically responded to an artist call-out in the Remodernist vein. Each artist personally relates to Remodernism. The Gallery's understanding of Remodernism is an art movement established in 2000 to "replace Postmodernism with spiritual values" 1. Spirituality is simply the search for truth, not religious dogma.The values used to create the artwork reject the commercialism and cynicism of Postmodernism. Remodernism is a movement that captures the spirit of Modern Art, where artists create based on their passion. It encompasses many genres of work, regardless of style, subject matter or medium. Remodernism is "a way of thinking about art, and the purpose of art, rather than a specific way of making art." (2) Las Manos feels the work presented during August's show reflects this passion and ideal.

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2. Ibid., Painting Forum, 4 April 2008.

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