Saturday, November 6, 2010

Geometrically Composed Opening at Las Manos Gallery

Work on canvas and gator board by Blinn

Artist Mark DeBernardi, left, looks over a
piece by friend Bill Zuehike.

A wood construction piece by Gallery owner
Michelle Peterson-Albandoz.

The show attracted a variety of people
interested in the aesthetics of lines and
having a good time...

Artist Ben Rosecrans and one of his pieces
made of vellum and balsa wood...

Artist Doug Reyes stands with a few of
his wheel-thrown vessels.

Artist Mark Pease and his wife Jessica enjoy
the opening. Pease was also part of the
ReModernist Show at the gallery in August.

Artist Mark DeBernardi stands with one of his
mixed-media photographic pieces of Lake Michigan.

Artist Robert Burnier stands with his piece
"Recursion 7."

Artist Blinn Jacobs of Connecticut stands with
her "Counterpoise" series. Jacobs traveled
from Connecticut to be part of the show!

The incredible piece "Fantasy
Rope" by Artist Bill Zuehike.

Zuehike's piece consists of thousands of
pages of old harlequin novels strung

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