Friday, November 19, 2010

A little insight into Geometrically Composed

Michael McGuire

McGuire's eye picks out buildings that already
have a longer sense of repetition than most.
He elongates the illusion by doubling, sometimes
tripling the images in PhotoShop. The results are
endless lines punctuated by inconsistencies created
by windows, ledges, boards. The finished image
reads like notes on a page- a complicated song of
shapes and colors.

Robert Burnier

At first glance, Burnier's grid pieces
stun in terms of their meticulous geometric
intensity. Upon further inspection, you
move through his process and start to
see the images that appear in the
brushstrokes. Fragmented views of a
bomber airplane's engine, an extreme
close-up of smoke from an explosion-
all examples of destructive human
activity. The viewer is then left to
their own emotional response to the

Detail of Burnier's "Recursion 7"

Michelle Peterson-Albandoz

Peterson-Albandoz's body of work partially consists
of wood constructions created from disregarded
planks of Chicago's porches, fences and windowsills.
For the Geometrically Composed show she switched
gears and sculpted concrete. Adding an ebony stain
enhanced the ridges framing the stark squares. The
piece is organic and architectural in the same
moment that it's geometric.

Doug Reyes

Reyes creates these incredible vessels on
the wheel. That in itself is not unremarkable,
what is is that they are one solid block of
clay. The pieces are slowly worked from
several angles. Reye's process and technique
make this body of work exquisite.

A detail of Reye's "#179"

Blinn Jacobs

Jacobs' series of "counterpoise" paintings
consist of a light balance of canvas and
gatorboard in polygonal shapes. The
rectangles of color hang precariously
between opposing angles, giving the
viewer an impression of suspense.
The pieces play with stability, opacity
and a sense of fun.

The nine-canvas "counterpoise"
piece by Blinn Jacobs at right,
Bill Zuehike's "Fantasy Rope" at

Bill Zuehike

A detail of Zuehike's "Fantasy Rope,"
an amazing creation of cut pages
threaded together to create a
Rapunzel-like strand of confined
thoughts. Each square-cut page
is from an old harlequin novel. Read
into what you would like...

Mark DeBernardi

DeBernardi's work is an amalgamation of
photography, pastels and graphite. When
looking more deeply into the pieces you can
spot bits of plastic tucked masterfully though
out the compositions. Titles like "Warning"
and "Choppy Waters" tell the possible ending
to our clean water supplies through pollution
and neglect.

A detail of DeBernardi's "Choppy Waters"

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