Monday, January 31, 2011

StatiCCreep in Time Out Blog

StatiCCreep reviewed in the Time Out Blog!
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Written by Web Behrens:

"At Andersonville’s Las Manos Gallery (5220 N Clark St, 773-728-8910), The Static Creep exhibition assembles nearly two dozen artists. Not all of them, strictly speaking, offer comic-book or sequential art; a few veer simply into the land of pop-culture-infused illustrations or collages. Still, there’s plenty to engage your eyes and your brain.

Here, the multiple worlds of comics collide. The best-known artists are probably Nicole Hollander (creator of the “Sylvia” strip, carried by the Chicago Tribune) and Heather McAdams (familiar to readers of the Reader). And you’ll get an entirely different view of Jeffrey Brown here than at the MCA; his detailed, black-and-white illustrations offer some impressive chiaroscuro work, compared to his simpler sketchbook art at the museum. Meanwhile Jill Thompson, who works wonders with watercolors, contributes some pages from the indie comic Beasts of Burden, as well as pages from Marvel Comics’ The Inhumans and her own Scary Godmother books.

Fans of a certain vampire slayer will thrill to see Jenny Frison’s gorgeously rendered covers for Buffyverse comics, which appear in doublets—first graphite on white Bristol board, then graphite and white pastel on gray paper. Andrew Pepoy represents for the Archie Comics line, while Mike Norton (with an eye-catching Green Lantern splash page) and Chris Burnham (with a stunning, not-yet-published cover for Batman Inc.) ably depict the superheroes."

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