Friday, February 11, 2011

Opening Tonight!

A Photography Exhibition

Opening Reception:

Tonight! 7-10pm

Join us tonight for the opening of Variations: A Photography Exhibition at Las Manos Gallery!

Each photographer has a unique series of images that they've spent years collecting through their lens. A few artists that stand out for their originality are Eric Robinson, Sarah Midkiff and Antonio Martinez.

Robinson's "Leathermen" are intensely dark but moving images of a subculture not usually open to being photographed. Robinson's pictures are one-of-a-kind ambrotypes- images on delicate glass plates.

Sarah Midkiff photographed each bed she slept in for a year, leaving us with a very personal and vulnerable view of twisted and wrinkled sheets. The soft black-and-white images leave the viewer with much to imagine!

Antonio Martinez, who is also one of Las Manos gallery's artists, brings us not one but three separate series. Small modern tin types featuring weight lifters preening for camera, large, shocking images of cage fighters twisted together in sweat and violence and finally Polaroid emulsion "lifts" of cowboys on horseback. Each of his series captures men in brutal but beautiful moments.

Please stop by the gallery tonight, and and on weekends through February 27th to see this incredible show!

Las Manos Gallery
5220 N. Clark St
Chicago, IL

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