Sunday, February 13, 2011

Variations Opening Reception

Variations: A Photography Exhibition drew in a great crowd on Friday evening.

A gallery-goer takes a closer look at some Polaroid emulsion lifts.

Photographer Paul Clark's 90 images of variations in brick walls in Chicago.

Photographer Antonio Martinez with one of his three photographic series.

"How to hug and other sublimations of men" by Martinez.

From "Bending Cages" images of body builders on tin type.

"Faith into Madness" Polaroid emulsion lifts.

Tommy Reyes with his images that reach well above five feet in height.

Gallery artist Michael McGuire stands with a few of his images that find an unusual rhythm in groups of people photographed in the city.

Eric Robinson and "leathermen" series on ambrotype, a glass negative that is one-of-a-kind.

A detail from "leathermen."

Mieke Zuiderweg and two images from her Holga #2 series of reflections in store fronts.

Gallery artist Chuck Meyers in front of Sarah Midkiff's work.

Midkiff photographed every bed she slept in for a year.

Antonio Martinez's images on aluminum.

Patrick Manning's images of contrails.

"Faith into Madness" was translated into a short film.

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