Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Works Opening!

Michelle Peterson's reclaimed paint panel piece is the perfect backdrop for a conversation with artist Michael McGuire (center). Check out Michael's blog -

Michael McGuire, Michelle Peterson-Albandoz and Doug Britt Reyes are featured in this month's show. Tricia Rumbolz, Paul Clark, Monika Wulfers, Mark Pease, Brittany Jordan Reyna and Mieke Zuiderweg have work in the back salon area.

Photographer Paul Clark, left, and Artist Steve Green cheers to all future art sales!

Doug Britt Reyes' double-form vessels stretch down the gallery. Each piece is hand-thrown in a continuous manner- leaving the viewer wondering how it was done by hand in the first place...

Michelle Peterson-Albandoz, left, and Steve Green talk about her new series of reclaimed paint panels. She used paints destined for disposal and created thick layers of texture and repetition with them.

Folks talk during the opening on Friday night.

Artist Tricia Rumbolz stands with a few of her pieces on display at the gallery on Friday.

Kris, left, and Chris take a better look at the details in one of Tricia Rumbolz's works.

Artist Mieke Zuiderweg is the Atlas to her own photographs.

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