Monday, August 8, 2011

The Environ Opening!

Derek Ottens took barcodes from the back of meat packages and recreated them in chicken blood. The result is a study in the lack of knowledge of our food source.

Photographers Patrick Manning and Linda Adele Goodine pose for a picture during the opening of "Environ" at Las Manos Gallery.

Steve Becker stands with a few of his landscape photographs.

Artist John McCaughey with his work created by papers, posters and other items collected on the streets of cities he wanders.

Michelle Peterson-Albandoz and Phil Wright's "The Migration of x,y,z" on the wall of the gallery.

Oil barrels reach towards the ceiling of the gallery. Information about how many barrels America consumes and what percentage of oil we take up in the world is part of this installation.

A collage by John McCaughey

Linda Adele Goodine's work

Steve Becker's photographs

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