Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lisa Whiting's Synapse

Lisa Whiting’s whimsical piece entitled "Synase" is entirely hand knitted, felted, and then stuffed with rice. The piece comments on the idea of meditating on knitting, and registering how the artist’s thoughts combine together both literally and metaphorically. Whiting says that in making the piece, “the knit became a montra”, she became completely absorbed in the process. Whiting is a local Chicago artist and she owns a knitting shop in Andersonville called Sifu Design Studio.

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Each "synapse" was created by an individual pattern. The pieces were then felted- a process of running the knitted construction through heat and moisture to matt the fibers together. 

The tubes were also felted but fitted with electrical conduit to hold its form.

Photographs by Mieke Zuiderweg, Posting by Emily Eddy

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