Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dystopia opening at Las Manos Gallery

Steven Green stands with his work "Canyon, left of Center."

John Crouch with a few of his photographs inspired by the architecture in Chicago.

Alan Lerner, center, chats during the opening.

Lerner's work, a combination of screen Prints featuring
gouache,  inks and gel medium.

Artist Christopher Hefner goofs it up with the lovely and talented Hannah Atchinson.

Hefner's work includes film, screen prints and charcoal drawings.

Eric Gushee stands with his incredible piece "Amoeba #3"

Katsy Johnson stands with her work, photographs with encaustic wax and oil paint.

Steven Lockwood stands with "The Station" left, and "Daybreak."

Andy Pilarski with his piece created on drywall with ink and paint.

Christmas Woods with "A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing."

Juan Fernandez with his photographs.

Jason Hawk stands with his piece "Motor Cortex." Hawk has
several sculptures in the show.

Mieke Zuiderweg with her ceramic "Metropolis" sculptures.

Artists Christmas Woods, (from left) Mac Blackout, Christopher Ilth and friend.

Boom boxes, alarm clock radios and tv's turned into unusual creatures by Mac Blackout.

A piece by Mac Blackout.

Collage work by Christopher Ilth.

A sculpture by Christopher Ilth, admired by a gallery attendee.

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