Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bauhaus inspired bucket seats at Las Manos Gallery!

Las Manos Gallery introduces the bucket seat, part of the establishment's new line of affordable and stylish furniture made by Gallery artists!

Seats can be painted, dyed or burnished to your taste. Each chair runs at $220 and can be made to order. Upholstery can be custom made as well.

Call 773-728-8910 for inquiries or visit the gallery at 5220 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL. 60640!

Artists: Derek Ottens (Design) & Phil Wright

The black patterns are teased out of the wood by flame. 

For some of the finer things in life:

Artists: Michelle Peterson-Albandoz & Phil Wright

This bench is made entirely of reclaimed Douglas Fir. Walnut tenons accent the corners. A wax finish brings out the layers of colors. This piece is sold for $675.

Artist: Jim Peterson

This incredible raw Maple wood slab was placed on steel legs to both support its heft and give the piece wonderful balance. Price: $1,200 

Artist: Derek Ottens (Design) & Michelle Peterson-Albandoz
Bee Hive Inspired Table!

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