Saturday, July 14, 2012

Grace Levine at Las Manos Gallery

Grace Levine

Levine loves exploring paradox. Ugly vs. Beautiful. Mundane vs. Chaos. Naivete vs. the Jaded Mind. 

Her characters are less based on the physicality of someone, but more on the sensation that overcomes her when she recalls their traits. Her attraction to narrating bizarre people, places and things has always accompanied her throughout her existence. 

Levine layers her images, sometimes on drawing paper, other times on overlapping layers of vellum. Her work becomes a tangled cluster of nonsense that ultimately springs forth odd truths. She sees her drawings as "behaving badly," which fittingly intersect with childhood and its and weird splendors.

"Not my finest moment"
Ink, paint and pencil on vellum

Detail of "Not my finest moment"

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