Sunday, November 4, 2012

Goodbye 5220 N. Clark St...

-Michelle Peterson-Albandoz, (clockwise from top right) Larry Vodak, Michael McGuire and Jim Peterson take 
down the gallery sign.

After 14 years at 5220 N. Clark St., Las Manos Gallery took its leave on Wednesday afternoon. Thank
goodness the gallery had a place to go- 1515 W. Foster Ave will open for business in the middle of this month.

Thanks again to everyone who helped wrap artwork, clean, lug, move, drag and roll a decade's worth of
inventory to its new place! Special thanks to Paul Clark, Donald Lyons, Michael McGuire, Jim Peterson,
Tricia Rumbolz, Jay Fernandez and Mieke Zuiderweg for helping us through this transition. We would NOT
have been able to do this without your help.

-The last walk through the old gallery space before giving up the keys. We hope that whatever business 
takes over the space does as well as the gallery has in the past.

Join us at 1515 W. Foster this November for new works by artists Michelle Peterson-Albandoz, Michael
McGuire, Mark Pease, Juan Fernadez and Doug Reyes!

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