Sunday, November 11, 2012

Juan Fernandez at Las Manos Gallery

Juan Fernandez

Artist Statement

The Known Unknown

In my work, the viewer's perception is constantly in question. The Known Unknown continues with this thread of investigation, while also addressing the seemingly impossible concept of the universe. As long as the sky has been seen by human eyes, we have struggled to comprehend its contents. I use common materials, such as Styrofoam, paper, glue and plexiglass to make studio based photographic references to the overwhelming proposition that is our universe.

The images compel the viewer to be analytical. The audience is introduced to a black and white image of the depths of space. As the investigation continues, it is a realized that hole-punched paper stands in for stars, while Styrofoam and glue exist as powerful wisps of magnetic plasma. The use of such common materials asks the viewer to examine connections between abstract astrophysics, everyday materials and their own existence.

When It All Ends, 2012 40" x 50"

The Edge of the Universe, 2012 40" x 50"

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