Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Las Manos Gallery's WOOD opening!

The Wood exhibition at Las Manos Gallery got off to a great start on Friday night! The gallery is
hosting artists Elijah Alvarado, Kelsey Fox, William Fitzpatrick, Brandy Barker, E.C. Rolwing, 
Michelle Peterson-Albandoz, Jason Houchen, Lindsey Pearson and Garth Borovicka!

The best part of our new space on Foster Ave is the ability to use the alley to get to the sculpture
courtyard! Patrons did just that during the opening.

Mild temperatures encouraged folks to stay out late on Friday. A big crowed did form inside even
thought it was a balmy 50 degrees outdoors.

Musician and Artist Jeremiah Lee stands with one of his cigar box guitars. Fully functioning
pieces made from boxes and found objects!

Elijah Alvarado, Kelsey Fox and William FitzPatrick stand in their creation the "CUBE."

Jeremiah Lee plays a few songs on his cigar box guitars during the opening!

Work by Jason Houchen uses wood burning techniques and cigar bands.

Garth Borovicka stands with a few of his bookends created with wood, felt, wire and rock.

Warm toes out back in the sculpture courtyard! Work by Eric Gushee hangs suspended above patrons' heads.

Brandy Barker stands with her letterpress work. Barker also uses relief techniques to create her own language of symbols.

Aritst E.C. Rolwing stands outside the gallery on Friday. His sculptures stand in the front windows.

Work by Lindsey Pearson!


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