Saturday, March 9, 2013

Photography opening at Las Manos!

Photographer Juan Fernandez stands with his ambrotype during the opening reception of his MFA photo show at Las Manos Gallery. The exhibition features work from his facade, fabricate and The Known Unknown series. Show runs through Sunday, March 17th.

Patrons stand in front of a few images from Fernandez's "Fabricated" series.  

Fa├žade is a photographic project that concentrates on vernacular architecture and spaces, i.e. schools, housing, industrial, retail buildings. Photographs of urban and suburban architecture operate with a sense of familiarity, illustrating seemingly banal moments, however, upon further inspection, certain oddities begin to rise to the surface. I want the peculiarities to exist as metaphors for uneasiness, rejection, and isolation. I illustrate these feelings as odd photographic moments within a landscape of form, structure, and order.

A view from the back of the gallery pre-opening.

Fernandez uses materials such as cardboard, paper, fencing and wire to create studio constructs. These studio constructs reference complex issues while using simple common materials. The purpose for this is to allow the viewer’s subjectivity to aid in the decoding of the images. This subjectivity allows the images to allude to issues of race, power, control and assimilation, all which function within social construct.

The Broken Thoughts Garden courtyard provided a nice place to snack, mingle and discuss the work!

Artist Diana Gabiel takes the opportunity to toast a marshmallow in the courtyard. Her work is on view at the Willis Tower this month!

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