Saturday, March 16, 2013

Work on Paper Show next Week at Las Manos!

"Sweetest Downfall"  by Artist Doug Stapleton

Works on Paper


 Friday, March 22nd

Las Manos Gallery presents the work of fourteen artists and the inquiry beyond the traditional use of “works on paper."

These works capture the artists' endless visual choices. The lack of obligation to the traditional paper medium has given rise to a generation of artists that are free to explore their work in a new language. They achieve this through the use of uncommon methods and the ever-shifting role of technology.

Gallery Artist Michael McGuire is letting his process become the vehicle that drives his aesthetic. His template consists loosely of the American flag; a loaded symbol that pays homage to work by the artist Jasper Johns. The layered use of India ink on recycled cardboard makes up the body of the flag, incurring a somber unity in grays and blacks.

Artist Doug Stapleton cuts and re-configures found images to set up ambiguous narratives that often refer to the original source. His background in anthropology and art history informs his work. Stapleton plays with symbols and metaphors from language and religion and creates new images with a nod toward the absurd.

Featured Artists:

Michael McGuire, Doug Stapleton, Jeff Janson, Alan Lerner, Antonio Martinez, Monika Wulfers, Grace Levine, Amos Kennedy, Mark Pease, John Mosher, Steven Green, Kathryn Fimreite, Jay Fernandez, betsy berky.

Exhibition runs through April 26, 2013

Las Manos Gallery is now located at
1515 W. Foster Ave., Chicago IL. 60640.
For more information please contact:

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