Friday, October 7, 2011

Chicago Artists Month at Las Manos Gallery

Opening - Friday, October 14th, 2011. 6-10pm

Andersonville’s Night of 100 Parties

Las Manos Gallery celebrates its 18th Anniversary and Chicago Artists Month by featuring work by a variety of the city’s artists.

Featured artist Michelle Peterson-Albandoz, owner of Las Manos Gallery, grew up in the forests of both Connecticut and Puerto Rico. Her first-hand experience with the pristine quality and balance of the ecosystems made her hyper aware of the effect humans have on the environment. Living in a big city like Chicago alerted her to the constant construction and destruction. Planks and beams that would systematically be dumped into landfills instead make their way into Michelle’s studio, where she removes nails and cuts them down. She reassembles these shapes into reclaimed wood constructions, using rhythms and patterns as part of the process. By harvesting and reusing these discarded elements, Michelle not only devises an aesthetic object, but also creates a small but significant step away from the wasting of this incredible material.

Artists in this month’s show:

Michelle Peterson-Albandoz, Michael McGuire, Tricia Rumbolz, Ben Rosecrans, Robert Burnier, Steven Green, Lisa Whiting, Lindsey Greer, Ben Bauman, Doug Reyes and Nathan W. Vaughn.

Show runs October 14th November, 2011.

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