Saturday, October 15, 2011

Las Manos Gallery Opening!

"Synapse" by Artist Lisa Whiting made of wool pods
filled with rice. The piece drew visitors into the space 
during the gallery's Chicago Artists Month Exhibition.

Artists Nathan Vaughn, left, and Robert
Burnier chat during the opening. Burnier's
sculptural piece made of Yupo paper is
in the foreground of the photograph.

Work by Michelle Peterson-Albandoz. The pieces are
reclaimed wood on panels.

Peterson-Albandoz used pieces of an old church organ
to create these rhythmic patterns. 

Work by Tricia Rumbolz titled "723 Colors," made of
paper paint samples and glue on wood panel.

Artist Tricia Rumbolz works on her piece
"Excepts from personal inquiries" which
hangs behind her.

Artist Nathan Vaughn, left, talks about his piece titled
"You're in Crop Circles" at the opening on Friday.

Work by Peterson-Albandoz is seen behind the crowds
attending the event.

Artist Steven Green stands with his work titled "City
Lights II" made with charcoal on paper.

Attendance was brisk- the event was part of 
Andersonville's Arts Weekend.

Friday was Andersonville's Night of 100 pARTies.

Performance artist Lindsay Greer poses with a passerby
as part of her "hysteric" piece.

Two men take a close look at one of Tricia Rumbolz's
pieces. Rumbolz takes quotes and sentences she 
hears and reads about in her daily life, writes them
on tissue paper and adds them to the work.

"Synapse" by Lisa Whiting.

The Gallery celebrated its 18th Anniversary with a
sugary cake. Thanks to all the artists that keep the
space going!

Tommy Reyes, right, the director of the gallery, walks
the cake over to owner and artist Michelle Albandoz-
Peterson. Happy Anniversary all!

Post and photographs by Mieke Zuiderweg 

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