Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Michelle Peterson-Albandoz and her work

Michelle Peterson-Albandoz, owner and artist at Las Manos
Gallery, takes great pleasure in gathering, ripping, pulling,
cleaning and stripping...wood.
To be exact, chaotic materials that people just discard. Most
of us don't even see these objects that become cohesive panels
inspired by nature. We just see faded 2 by 4's in a pile by the
empty lot. Or an eye sore. Michelle takes a different view. The
more beaten and abused the wood, the better it translates
alongside other pieces. The weathering of the squares and strips
that make up her art panels create a certain flow, a natural and
architectural one.
Several of Michelle's pieces currently grace the walls of the
gallery as part of the "About Wood" show that runs through
the beginning of August. She can usually be found in her
workshop saw and drill in hand. So there is always a new
piece to look at...

"untitled" 2009


"untitled" 2008


Untitled 2009

Untitled 2009

Jason Houchen and Detail

Artist Jason Houchen is not afraid to mix his medias.
wood, stained glass and vintage cigar bands. A soldering
iron and an amazing eye for detail. This blends into
work with elements of folk art, pop surrealism and
street art. He doesn't mind identifying himself as
an "urban folk artist." And it shows.
The longer one looks at of his pieces, the more
comes into focus. An elk dressed in shirt and jacket,
a cigar held gracefully in one hoof. A Native American
touching a piece of trimmed lawn that spreads its way
across the west. Houchen's ability to portray the
absurd make his pieces fascinating to see and ponder.
Please stop by the gallery and check it out!

detail from "Nature vs man"

detail from "Paving the West"

detail from "Trophy"

detail from "War Machine"

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stunning show this month.

The new blog is up and running. Yeah!
Take a look at how the show, "About Wood", looks from outside the gallery.
You should probably visit soon as the show comes down after next weekend.

New popsicles at the gallery.

Hi, Everyone.
Here are some new still lifes for summer by Chuck Meyers.