Friday, November 27, 2009

Gallery Hours

We're open Friday 5-8pm, and weekends from 11am-5pm.
Brave the cold and darkness to see some incredible
works in the gallery or back salon...

nervous but excited!

the band "nervous but excited" will be performing at Las Manos
Gallery Saturday, December 5th at 7pm. 5220 N. Clark in
Andersonville of course!

" and rich like good soil... makes
me want to listen and hear it grow. the songs are
honest and dimensional. it's music to my ears."
-amy ray, the indigo girls

Meet the Artists!

Sunday, December 6th, 12-3pm you can stop by Las Manos
Gallery and meet artists Doug Stapleton and Paul Clark. It's
a great opportunity to ask all questions you've harboring for

Doug Stapleton

Paul Clark

David Downs

Chicago Artist David downs uses soil, salt, paints and photographs on his canvases. By experimenting with collage, photo-transfer, and photo-application, David developed many of the techniques he uses today.Currently, David is working towards a new aesthetic in his artwork. His work reflects the harmony obtained through diversification and conflict. David now feels that he truly understands the philosophies behind his craft, and his artwork has become stronger and deeper rooted in those beliefs.