Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tricia Rumbolz at Las Manos Gallery

Tricia Rumbolz's geometric designs are based on the concept that sacred geometry can be used to fix one's concentration upon meditation. The title of the series "Yantra" is the Sanskrit word "to sustain or contain." According to practitioners of the Hindu religion the study of the designs can lead to realizations of abstract principles. In this series of drawings, Rumbolz set out to create a body of work based on process. This allowed her to spontaneously express a flow of ideas as their their mental formations instantly appeared...

Details from the "Yantra" series

Michelle Peterson-Albandoz at Las Manos Gallery

Michelle Peterson-Albandoz's reclaimed wood constructions have sometimes remained flat on a canvas of wood board. 
Not so for her newest work. A windfall of oak palettes has taken the strips of cut wood around corners. The palettes 
are the vehicle for line, pattern and texture which creates immense presence.

A detail of the corner of "Untitled," reclaimed wood on found oak palettes.

Michael McGuire at Las Manos Gallery

Artist Michael McGuire's collages literally stem from a history of his work. McGuire works lines in many fashions- loose drawings of eel cages in India ink, tight architectural structures in graphite and natural elements in fading ballpoint pen. Some of these older drawings see new life by being fragmented. Each piece is cut down and reassembled over a long period of time,  the artist's discerning eye balancing out the greyscale elements with white. The end result are pieces that move your gaze throughout the composition, playing negative and positive spaces off each other with ease.

Detail from "Untitled" (old drawing collage in archival pen)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fragmentos Opening at Las Manos Gallery

The opening for the "Fragmentos" show on Friday, June 8th

New reclaimed wood pieces by Michelle Peterson-Albandoz.

Michael McGuire stands with a few of his new collage pieces.

Michelle Peterson-Albandoz with her split oak trunk with reclaimed wood elements.

Tricia Rumbolz  with her "Yantra" Series.

Mieke Zuiderweg stands with one of Michelle Peterson-Albandoz's branch pieces.

Work by McGuire

New Work by Peterson-Albandoz

Artists Paul Clark and Steven Green are framed in one of Michelle Peterson-Albanodoz's reclaimed wood pieces.

Ceramic works by Mieke Zuiderweg

Michael McGuire shows a few of his India ink on cereal box collages during the opening.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Opening Tonight!

Detail of one of Michael McGuire's Collages

Opening Reception
Friday June 8th

Come celebrate Andersonville's 47th Annual Midsommarfest and a Las Manos Gallery opening reception! Friday, June 8th is the official kick-off to the neighborhood's three-day festival that features art, music and great food. Join Gallery Artists Michelle Peterson-Albandoz, Michael McGuire, Tricia Rumbolz and Mieke Zuiderweg as they present their newest bodies of work.

Michelle Peterson-Albandoz is well-versed in the reuse of Chicago’s discarded building materials. Her last body of work (presented at Longview Gallery in Washington D.C. in March) explored the transition from a digitized palette into one inspired by nature. Now her pattern-rich wood constructions on panel have jumped from the wall and into 3-D.  Cuts of colorful wood turn corners and spill out of upturned and severed tree trunks. This new work is a testament to Peterson-Albanoz’s ability to push the limits of her materials and imagination…

Michael McGuire is well known for his highly-controlled yet unfettered India ink drawings inspired by his background in architecture. This spring he’s loosened up his lines through collage. The insides of cereal boxes serve as the clean and precise palettes for his flowing marks in ink. Cut and trimmed into squares and rectangles, the pieces are slowly assembled. The end result bares both constrained structures and flowing forms- the perfect opposition.

Tricia Rumbolz is a conceptual artist that continues her quest to create work that has visual rhythm and a deeper meaning of consciousness through her creative process. New works on paper and board explore her fascination with deduction and exploration.

Mieke Zuiderweg furthers her study of sculptural ceramic forms inspired by the Bauhaus movement started in Germany in the early 20th century. The work, which embodies both architectural and decorative elements, uses simplified forms to convey both beauty and logic.

Show Runs June 8th - July 8th 2012

Andersonville's Midsommarfest runs June 8th - 10th. Friday 5-10pm, Saturday/Sunday 11am-10pm

New Work by Michelle Peterson-Albandoz!

Tricia Rumbolz and Michael McGuire help Michelle Peterson-Albandoz install one of four oak palettes wrapped in reclaimed wood.

New work by Tricia Rumbolz!

Artist Tricia Rumbolz installs her new body of work at Las Manos Gallery this week.