Friday, November 23, 2012

It's official!

Las Manos Gallery's new location is 1515 W. Foster Ave!
As most of you know, the gallery was forced out of its home on Clark Street after 14 years. 
At first it seemed we had to close for good - finding an affordable storefront in 
Andersonville has almost become as rare as an empty one. After a month of no hope, 
several people in the community pointed out a space on Foster Avenue, right around the 
corner from our old location. Though half the size, the potential to start again was tempting 
enough snap up the lease!

What makes this spot so enticing is the large enclosed courtyard behind it. Plans for sculpture 

gardens, film festivals, poetry slams and parties are all on next year's schedule! Of course 
there is a lot of work to be done before these events can happen, but we are well on our 
way- thanks to the many volunteers that have donated their time. Clients and artists 
alike wielded sledgehammers, drills, saws and sanders. Without their enthusiasm we would 
have thrown in the towel. A big thank-you to our emerging and professional artists 
that have transitioned with us. Without them we would not be able to continue hosting 
exhibitions, fundraisers and events that help keep Andersonville a cultural destination 
in Chicago ...

Thanks again to everyone that has shown us so much support and love during this 

tough move!

Reopening celebration & Exhibition:
Friday December 7th from 6-10pm.

We will also participate in Andersonville's
"Late Night and Late-er Night" Holiday events:
Friday November 30th, and Friday December 14th

Friday, November 16, 2012

Las Manos Gallery needs one more layer of paint!

Gallery Owner Michelle Peterson-Albandoz hopped around on one leg after stepping in some wet paint on Friday. The gallery space is almost complete- one more coat on the floor, a few touch-ups here and there and we'll be ready to roll! Feel free to stop by during our hours even if we're not quite ready yet- we love the support!

Holy Mammoth!

Our new neighbors- Woolly Mammoth Antiques(1513 W. Foster) will be hosting a fabulous event & raffle tonight. Get your tickets for $5- which includes a cup of hot cider! Las Manos Gallery will stay open late as well to celebrate the eve!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We'll miss you Kate...

We're so sad to report that Kate Mooneyham, a fellow artist and Las Manos Gallery Muse, has passed away. We wish her family strength through this very difficult time. We'll miss her visits and enthusiasm a great deal...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Juan Fernandez at Las Manos Gallery

Juan Fernandez

Artist Statement

The Known Unknown

In my work, the viewer's perception is constantly in question. The Known Unknown continues with this thread of investigation, while also addressing the seemingly impossible concept of the universe. As long as the sky has been seen by human eyes, we have struggled to comprehend its contents. I use common materials, such as Styrofoam, paper, glue and plexiglass to make studio based photographic references to the overwhelming proposition that is our universe.

The images compel the viewer to be analytical. The audience is introduced to a black and white image of the depths of space. As the investigation continues, it is a realized that hole-punched paper stands in for stars, while Styrofoam and glue exist as powerful wisps of magnetic plasma. The use of such common materials asks the viewer to examine connections between abstract astrophysics, everyday materials and their own existence.

When It All Ends, 2012 40" x 50"

The Edge of the Universe, 2012 40" x 50"

Las Manos Gallery mentioned in Chicago Artists Resource!


For full article click HERE

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Goodbye 5220 N. Clark St...

-Michelle Peterson-Albandoz, (clockwise from top right) Larry Vodak, Michael McGuire and Jim Peterson take 
down the gallery sign.

After 14 years at 5220 N. Clark St., Las Manos Gallery took its leave on Wednesday afternoon. Thank
goodness the gallery had a place to go- 1515 W. Foster Ave will open for business in the middle of this month.

Thanks again to everyone who helped wrap artwork, clean, lug, move, drag and roll a decade's worth of
inventory to its new place! Special thanks to Paul Clark, Donald Lyons, Michael McGuire, Jim Peterson,
Tricia Rumbolz, Jay Fernandez and Mieke Zuiderweg for helping us through this transition. We would NOT
have been able to do this without your help.

-The last walk through the old gallery space before giving up the keys. We hope that whatever business 
takes over the space does as well as the gallery has in the past.

Join us at 1515 W. Foster this November for new works by artists Michelle Peterson-Albandoz, Michael
McGuire, Mark Pease, Juan Fernadez and Doug Reyes!