Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Michael Manni, Lisa Rae Winant and Brad Leslie

Michael Manni * Lisa Rae Winant * Recent works by Brad Leslie

July at Las Manos brings together artists and childhood friends Michael Manni and Lisa Rae Winant. Hundreds of their paintings line the walls of the gallery this month. Both artists depict figures in their work, but the similarity stops there.

Manni’s figures mostly reflect his own image and emotional state. Each piece is worked for months at a time, only the eyes remaining the same during the transformations. The artists and styles that have inspired him through out his lifetime subtly appear in unexpected and clever ways. The work is intense and often dark, but in each figure’s eyes there is a spark of light that conveys just how alive and vibrant these characters are.

Winant’s paintings let the observer create their own narrative. Her figures hang in emotional landscapes in highly realistic rendering, but have an abstracted feel to them. Action and emotion become centralized in these peculiar one-acts. The viewer is left to fill-in the history and future of the characters.

Please join us for the reception for these two incredible artists. Friday, July 2nd from 7-10pm.

5220 N. Clark Ave. Chicago, IL 60640

Friday, June 11, 2010


June at Las Manos features new works by artists Michelle Peterson-Albandoz, Michael McGuire, Chuck Meyers and Andrew Brant.

A branch piece created by owner/artist Michelle Peterson-Albandoz

Michael Mcguire's work stretches down the wall of the gallery. New Ink drawings of budding trees resembling photographs in their precision hang between grids and cage-like creations.

A close up of a McGuire piece.

A grid of small oil paintings by artist Chuck Meyers.

Meyers' new work includes views out windows, quiet corners around the city and the observance of spring.