Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Andersonville Arts Weekend Friday Night Party—September 14th 2018

They have moved Andersonville Arts Week up a month this year. The opening night party is this coming Friday, September 14th from 6 until 9pm. Please join us for a little cocktail and some new work from both Michelle and Michael. We still have a few Tricia Rumbolz's pieces in the gallery, a number of Brian Schutz's, and two Jeffrey Janson's as well. Join us if you can, the weather looks spectacular and the garden will be open.

Michelle Peterson Albandoz - Untitled - Wood, Acrylic Paint on Panel - 40x30x2.5 inches
Michael McGuire - Untitled - Block Printing Ink on Arches Watercolor Paper - 40x26 inches
Jose Rodriguez - Untitled - Found Wood, Nails, Wire, House Paint - 26x13x9 inches
Tricia Rumbolz - Ascending Wavelengths - Archival Pen on Panel - 24x6x2 inches
Jeffrey Janson - Untitled (Hagar Shores Michigan) - Oil on Canvas - 10x12x2 inches
Michelle Peterson Albandoz - Untitled - Wood, Wood Glue - 70x20x11 inches
Tricia Rumbolz - 3 Drawings - 10x10x2 inches each
Michael McGuire - 5 Drawings - 40x26 inches each