Saturday, December 12, 2009

The many uses of Las Manos...

Resident artist David Downs restores one of
his pieces in the gallery on Saturday. Downs
is one of the artists featured in this month's

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Artist Meet and Greet

Michael Weinstein with New City Chicago 
makes himself comfy to review the show at
the gallery on Sunday during the "meet the
artist" event.

Collage artist Doug Stapleton stands with a 
few of his incredibly intricate works on display
this month at Las Manos.

Photographer Paul Clark, left, chats with
people at the gallery during the meet and greet
from noon to three.

Just a few of Paul's photographs
from the "Barriers" series.

Artist Tricia Rumbolz

The gallery is located at 5220 N. Clark in

Gallery owner Michelle Peterson-Albandoz
describes a painting by Joe Boudreau, who
stands next to her, to patrons in the back

Doug Stapleton and Patty look over a few of
his works during a meet-the-artist session at
the gallery.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Gallery Hours

We're open Friday 5-8pm, and weekends from 11am-5pm.
Brave the cold and darkness to see some incredible
works in the gallery or back salon...

nervous but excited!

the band "nervous but excited" will be performing at Las Manos
Gallery Saturday, December 5th at 7pm. 5220 N. Clark in
Andersonville of course!

" and rich like good soil... makes
me want to listen and hear it grow. the songs are
honest and dimensional. it's music to my ears."
-amy ray, the indigo girls

Meet the Artists!

Sunday, December 6th, 12-3pm you can stop by Las Manos
Gallery and meet artists Doug Stapleton and Paul Clark. It's
a great opportunity to ask all questions you've harboring for

Doug Stapleton

Paul Clark

David Downs

Chicago Artist David downs uses soil, salt, paints and photographs on his canvases. By experimenting with collage, photo-transfer, and photo-application, David developed many of the techniques he uses today.Currently, David is working towards a new aesthetic in his artwork. His work reflects the harmony obtained through diversification and conflict. David now feels that he truly understands the philosophies behind his craft, and his artwork has become stronger and deeper rooted in those beliefs.

Friday, October 23, 2009

November is all about local artists

Las Manos is proud to present a group show featuring artists that are represented year-round by the gallery. This collective of Chicago artists will run through the end of December. Stop by and see what's new!

Michelle Peterson-Albandoz recycles. Not exactly like you and I do. Giving that tin can an extra rinse really doesn't compare to the heavy lifting she does. Old fence posts, broken down porch railings, abandoned heaps of wood in empty lots. All this material could easily have been left decomposing or taking up space in a landfill. Instead, it's given a second chance to serve more form than function. The 4X4 wood construction panels she meticulously melds together capture the original essence of the tree it once was, while at the same time creating warm, abstract pieces that keep the eye busy and everybody's green side happy.

Joe Boudrea's images are sometimes crammed with layers of images and thick brush strokes. At first glance everything blends into expressionistic abstraction, but with a little time and interest dogs, suits, tents and swords come into focus. Boudreau's past pops up in his work, the campfires he sat around as a boyscout, the suite shirt and ties his father would leave the house in every day. The patterning of these nostalgic symbols create an edgy image that leaves you intrigued and slightly off-kilter.

Chuck Meyers works capture beauty in objects most of us would dismiss if not walk past outright. Gummy bears, old fashioned plastic water guns, pennies, popsicles. They are taken out of their normal context and placed on a deep gray background and hit with a warm summery light. The deep quality of the colors and richness of the forms not only catch the eye in a surprising way, but stand on their own to become small, fascinating centerpieces.

Michael McGuire's panoramic photography not only makes people do double-takes, but often has them pouring over minute details in each image. Painstakingly stitched together in Photoshop, simple beach scenes turn into waves of copied clouds, water and sand that create a soothing repetition. Achieving a good balance in photo-manipulation is difficult, McGuire does it flawlessly and at the same time creates beauty and humor.

E.C. Rowlings fills his canvases to the brim. Layer upon layer of sunny colors that keep the eye moving unendingly through the mazes of wide brush stokes. Built into these perky colors are snippets of cityscapes, floating heads with heavy eyes and dream-scape plants that put you into an inquisitive state of mind. The pieces are calming in a spring-color-kind-of-way, but deep enough to make you ponder for quite some time.

Michael Manni's petite wood panel paintings strike your color fancy foremost. Reds, greens and blues that are subdued only a little by layers of darker paints. Upon closer inspection, incredible portraits greet your eyes with small smiles and beaming eyes. Look even closer and you will surprisingly see teeth, hair and wrinkles. How these details are even possible is hard to gather, but each of Manni's pieces let you tap into a small, very private world of the person portrayed.

Amos Kennedy's woodblock prints blend a love of literature, politics and art together in layers of vibrant colors and thick lettering. Messages that ring true for any generation are made powerful and beautiful by the intensive printing technique. Glimmers of metallics, drawings and graphic design attract the mind's attention while also gathering inspiration from the inlaid quotes.

Mieke Zuiderweg's small square photographs lure you in with odd details and a touch of humor. Shot on medium format film with a toy plastic camera, colors and images bear the sign of a photo era gone by. Strange fuzziness, candy colors and wacky subject matter does not just make these images interesting but nostalgic.

Ohio Photographer Brad Phalin lets us peak into a world that most don't even know exists. That of abandoned farm houses and homes left vacant through out the Midwest more than three decades ago. Captured with a hasselblad, the colors and light in these ghostly homes are as beautiful as the objects people left behind. Funiture, photographs, clothing, heirlooms. The images are both heartbreaking simultaneously stunning.

Monday, September 28, 2009

A little about painter Joe Boudreau

The work of Artists Joe Boudreau and Michelle 
Peterson-Albandoz will be featured at Las 
Manos Gallery during October- Chicago 
Artists Month. The reception is Friday, 
October 2, from 7-11pm.

Friday, September 18, 2009

New Photographs Show reviewed in Newcity!

Review:New Photographs/Las Manos Gallery


Featuring eight gifted straight photographers and photo-artists practicing in a variety of genres and techniques and experimenting with them intensely, this “spectrum show”’s most powerfully emotive work is Benjamin Wilson’s series of “Interior Spaces,” in which ordinary empty rooms are transformed into surreal sites that smack of ominous antiseptic modernist labyrinthine torture chambers, through the quiet offices of a simple pinhole camera fashioned from a paint can. A second dose of the twilight zone is provided by Mieke Zuiderweg’s small hazy color shots–taken with a primitive plastic Holga camera–of details of the figurative commercial statuary adorning the roofs of stores; shot from below, these icons of kitsch take overpowering command over us poor mortal consumers. For the opposite effect of the finest intricate precision in endlessly involved and layered black-and-white abstractions of tomato cages, fencing and sheeting, look at what Paul Clark does with a plastic Isolyi camera, which he calls “a higher-line Holga.” All power to the primitive. (Michael Weinstein)

Through September 30 at Las Manos Gallery, 5220 N. Clark

Paul Clark from the Garden Series

Benjamin Wilson from the Interior Spaces Series

Mieke Zuiderweg from the Holga Series #1

New Photographs

The reception at the New Photographs Show
at Las Manos on Friday night, September 11.

Friday, August 21, 2009


September 11th Sneak-Preview!

An all-photography show at Las Manos will
run the month of September featuring well-
known artists. The reception is on the 11th
from 7-11pm...

Michael McGuire

Michael McGuire

Tina Leon

Tina Leon

Brad Phalin

Brad Phalin

Poster Fun

Amos Kennedy, left, an artist
represented at Las Manos
Gallery, explores socialism
abroad, while on his annual
trip to Italy. Safe travels Amos!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Emerge in Las Manos

A birds-eye-view of the gallery with featured
works by Emerge Collective. Through
September 6th.

The Work of E.C.R. III

Charles Rolwing, is a widely exhibited visual artist, and a
sporadically published poet living and working in Chicago.
He has recently created a new series of works on paper.
The pieces are 14" x 11" and are done in a variety of enamels
and ink.

Current Paintings:

Untitled 3'x 4'

Big Shoes 5'x3'

Untitled 5'x12'