Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In The Gallery - New Tricia Rumbolz Panel

Tricia Rumbolz recently delivered to the gallery a new piece. I could characterize it as a next step in her 'Focal Point' series, but this work leapfrogs far beyond the last few pieces in that series, (see 'In The Gallery - Tricia Rumbolz', January 12, 2014). This drawing (for lack of an exact description) ups the ante on both the number of focal points and the amount of work in evidence. The results are transfixing. Elements emerge, and edges bend as if by the influence of an unseen agent.  Photography does not due justice to Tricia's work, and that is a good thing. This is work that, although it might suggest the digital world, exists manifestly in the world of the hand made, and must be seen in person to be appreciated and enjoyed.
Tricia Rumbolz - 34 Focal Points, 3604 Lines - Archival Ink on Panel - 24 x 36 inches



Saturday, April 12, 2014


I'm encouraging Jose Rodriquez to explore his interest in 3D art making. I met Jose years ago when we used to hold life-drawing sessions in the old gallery space and he was an regular participant. I delighted in his life-drawing, and although he was largely unschooled in art making, he had an enthusiasm that was reflected in his lovely drawings. I'm even a bit more taken by his sculpture. Jose had been telling for months that he was creating small, cardboard homages to the large Picasso sculpture here in Chicago's Daley Plaza. And when he brought the first one in I was immediately smitten. All materials are found at his work place (he works in construction), and the sculptures are made without a template. There are two in the gallery now and I urging him to make more.

Jose Rodriguez - Homage to Picasso 2 - 3x4x7 inchesFound Cardboard and Jewelry Boxes, Silver Paint