Friday, August 27, 2010

Form and Function!

A friend of the Gallery got
creative and used two of
Michelle Peterson-Albandoz's
reclaimed construction panels
as sliding doors to hide his

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

48 Hour Film Project at Las Manos

Kevin Hanna, the Director, Writer and Producer
of the short film "Good Intentions" shot part of
his project at Las Manos Gallery over the
weekend. The film, which will run between
four and seven minutes, will be submitted to
the 48 Hour Film Project to compete with
other entries from six continents. Their
deadline is this Sunday, and we wish
them well!

The actors run through a scene of the film.
The main character, left, bumbles through his
life not knowing what's happening to him,
even though it does happen.

Kevin Hanna, left, checks the lighting situation
at the Gallery on Saturday as the actors take
a break from the stifling heat.

The Gallery was used for a few scenes in the
short film.

Photos by Mieke Zuiderweg

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The ReMo Reception

Turn out for the ReModernist Show was

Pritika Chowdhry's piece "Silent
Waters" runs through the center of
the gallery. The piece represents
the victims of ethnic violence,
specifically that of the partition
riots in India in 1947.

Receptions at the gallery are usually
the first friday of every month from

Artist E.C. Rolwing and a few of his
acrylic on paper pieces.

Artist Mark Pease with his work.

Artist Anja Frumert traveled all the way
from her home in Germany to be part of this
month's show.

Artist Josh Mosher with a few of his pieces.

Painter Jay Zerbe.

Artists Joe Boudreau, right, and E.C. Rolwing
at the opening on friday.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Remodernist Show

The artists taking part of the exhibition at Las Manos Gallery specifically responded to an artist call-out in the Remodernist vein. Each artist personally relates to Remodernism. The Gallery's understanding of Remodernism is an art movement established in 2000 to "replace Postmodernism with spiritual values" 1. Spirituality is simply the search for truth, not religious dogma.The values used to create the artwork reject the commercialism and cynicism of Postmodernism. Remodernism is a movement that captures the spirit of Modern Art, where artists create based on their passion. It encompasses many genres of work, regardless of style, subject matter or medium. Remodernism is "a way of thinking about art, and the purpose of art, rather than a specific way of making art." (2) Las Manos feels the work presented during August's show reflects this passion and ideal.

1. Stuckism Manifestos,
2. Ibid., Painting Forum, 4 April 2008.