Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New American Landscape Opening

Panoramic of the opening on Friday, May 7th.

New piece from the
"Fractured Earth
Series" by gallery owner
Michelle Peterson-

New American Landscape photography

David Downs, who collaborated with the 27
landscape artists to create the book "New
American Landscape" along with his wife
Lydia Krupinski.

Jun-Jun Sta. Ana, right, with his
work (center).

Allison Rae Butkus with her
Rollercoaster piece.

Clare Rosean and her piece "Klaus and Dr. Lo"

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New American Landscape Show

New American Landscape is a diverse group show consisting of works
from the 27 artists represented in the book “New American Landscape”
to be published in May by Sprocketbox Entertainment. The works of
these artists represent an international view of the United States,
its culture, people, economics, and landscape. The artwork varies in
medium from illustrations, paintings, photography to sculpture.
Most of the artists being shown are emerging or established
with a few bright new faces making their way into the art world for
the first time. The participating artists are Erin Morrison, Scott
Johnson, David Linneweh, Melissa Wilkinson, Baltazar Castillo,
Allison Rae, Nic Lyons, Grant William Thye, Ahndraya Parlato, Leland
Bourdages, Lynnda Pardoe, Jun-Jun Sta.Ana, Jenny Buffington, Jorge
Golgo Quintero, Jared Weiss, Clare Rosean, Andy Resek, Michelle
Peterson-Albandoz, David Paul Downs, Jennifer Ray, Pamela Cook, Adam
Evans, Joseph Miller, Haley Nagy, and Tia Factor. The artists come
from across the United States and Canada. New American Landscape
will be on view the entire month of May with the opening reception
on Friday, May 7th beginning at 7pm.

The book will be available for viewing and pre-sale. For more information
about the show, visit To inquire about purchasing a
copy of the book, visit