Sunday, October 31, 2010

Las Manos in the New York Times...

Andersonville was featured in the New York
Times recently. Owner/Artist Michelle
Peterson-Albandoz was featured creating one
of her wood constructions in the workshop.
Check out the Travel Slideshows section of
the Times' website for more information!

Photographer Paul Clark stops by...

Paul Clark and Michelle Peterson-Albandoz
look through a few of Paul's polaroid images
of color/texture variations of brick walls at
Las Manos Gallery on Sunday.

A single image of a brick-wall corner.

Clark's work will be in the Color Photography
show at the Gallery in February of 2011.

A triptych of a vertical brick abnormality in
a wall...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Artist Robert Burnier Stops by

Artist Robert Burnier, who has shown
at Las Manos Gallery before, shows
owner Michelle Peterson-Albandoz
a panel of his piece "Recursion 7"
which will be part of November's
"Geometrically Composed" show.

A detail from "Lattice 1" oil on panel on plywood

"Lattice 1" sits nestled in a custom made box.
Work for the November show goes up this
coming week...

Trick-Or-Treating in Andersonville

Hundreds of children in costume stopped by
the gallery as part of the annual Andersonville
celebration of Halloween and sugary candy.

Our favorite? Muhammad Ali and his
brother- a fully functioning pianist
on a grand piano. Genius!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Geometrically Composed in November

Las Manos Gallery Presents:

Geometrically Composed

Opening: Friday, November 5th, 7-10pm
Show: November 5th-December 6th, 2010

Las Manos takes the month of November to explore

the visual interpretations of Geometry.

The visual

impact is steeped in lines, curves and spaced

based in strains of abstraction.

This month's artists are Mark DeBernardi,

Michelle Peterson-Albandoz, Michael McGuire,

Blinn Jacobs, Mark Pease,

Bill Zuehike, Ben Rosecrans and

Robert Burnier.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Gen Silent LGBT Documentary at Las Manos!

Award-winning director and filmmaker Stu Maddux
will be at Las Manos Gallery today as part of the
"Gen Silent" film screening.

The film asks six LGBT seniors if they will hide their
lives to survive...

Cocktails from 6:30-8pm
Film clips from 7-7:30pm
Screening 8-9pm ($25 donation asked)

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Little Artsy Action at the Gallery...

Gallery Artist Chuck Meyers paints
a city-scene through the front windows
of Las Manos Gallery. Lindsey Clark-
Ryan's prints appear behind Meyers.

Meyers, Michael McGuire, Michelle
Peterson-Albandoz, John Mosher,
Dominic Sansone, Matthew Best,
E.C. Rolwing, Doug Stapleton
and Jeremy Tubbs are all on display
at the Gallery this month.

The finished piece in oils runs 9" x 1'.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Wonderful Cause...

Friends of the Gallery- Beyondmedia
Education presents Taste of Ten!

Andersonville Arts Weekend

October is Chicago Artist Month and Las Manos
helped celebrate by participating in the
Andersonville Arts Weekend, inspiring hundreds
of people to walk through the neighborhood.

A bronze sculpture by Dominic Sansone.

New photographs by artist Michael
McGuire graced the Gallery as well as
Scout, a business across the street from
Las Manos.

New works by painter Chuck Meyers.

Artist Lindsey Clark-Ryan and her work titled
"Manatee Adventure."

Viewers look at Clark-Ryan's piece "Baffle."

Jeremy Tubbs' Blotter Print of the "L." Tubbs
also works in duct tape.

New works by John Mosher.

Artist Dominic Sansone stands with his bronze
piece titled "Invaders must Die."

Sansone's bronze piece.

Artist Lindsay Greer

Artist Lindsay Greer mixed video and music
outside the Gallery during the Andersonville
Arts Weekend kick-off event on Friday night.

Crowds gathered outside the Gallery...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Artist Lindsey Clark-Ryan

Owner Michelle Peterson-Albandoz, right,
and Lindsey Clark-Ryan go through her prints
at the Gallery on Saturday. Clark-Ryan's work
will be featured during the Andersonville
Arts Weekend, starting Friday October 8th.

Clark-Ryan's piece titled
"Manatee Adventure, "
-callography, lithography.

Detail of "Manatee Adventure."

Las Manos in October

Group Show: Chicago Artists Month

Show October 8th-31st, 2010
Reception Friday, October 8th from 6-10pm

The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs designates every October as Chicago Artist Month. Las Manos Gallery will be collaborating with Scout to showcase the extraordinary talent in the Chicago art community. One of our featured artists, Michael McGuire, will have new work at both Las Manos Gallery and Scout.

The Gallery will be celebrating the month by kicking off the Andersonville Arts Weekend and Night of 100 Parties with an opening on Friday October 8th, from 6-10pm.

Group Show Artists:

Michelle Peterson-Albandoz
Michael McGuire
Chuck Meyers
Jeremy Tubbs
John Mosher
Lindsey Clark-Ryan
Dominic Sansone
Lindsay Greer