Friday, November 28, 2014

Jose Rodriguez - New Sculptures

I have been asking Jose to bring in a new Picasso sculpture for weeks and he showed up on Wednesday with this colorful replica of the piece in Daley plaza.
Jose Rodriguez - Picasso Replica - Cardboard, Bamboo, Acrylic Paint

And I have a few other larger pieces that we uncovered at his home a few weeks ago when I did a studio visit.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tricia Rumbolz - Focal Points

We have sold half of the Tricia Rubolz 'Focal Point' series, but the three remaining make a compelling triptych. This week I turned them horizontally, they can show in either orientation, and they feel slightly transformed. Tricia's precision and focus are evident throughout the drawings, and her craftsmanship extends to her hand made frames.
Tricia Rumbolz - Focal Point Series - Technical Pen on Paper - 13.25x17.25inches
Tricia Rumbolz - Eight Focal Points 736 Lines - Technical Pen on Paper - 13.25x17.25inches

Friday, November 14, 2014

Michael McGuire Found a Box of Old Drawings

To Quote From Michael's Blog

'Some Old Drawings....

....unearthed as I continue to resettle my apartment after new windows and a major paint job. Found them all in a rather distressed cardboard box - many circa 2008/2009. Quickly photographed on the floor of the studio, note the yardstick for scale.'

A small sampling of the forty or so that are in the gallery now. 

Michael's Blog