Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Photos From The Ted Harris Opening

The Front of Las Manos Gallery Friday August 22, 2014

Ted Harris, Michelle Peterson Albandoz, Michael McGuire
Ted and Michael collaborated on four lamps.
Ted Harris - Snake Lamp

Ted Harris - Bicycle Wheel Lamp

Ted Harris - Concrete Lamp -

New Tricia Rumbolz Drawings, Ted Harris - Flashlight Lamps

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Next Show - Opening Reception August 22, 2014

Back Courtyard of Las Manos Gallery - Pictured L-R: Michelle Peterson Albandoz,  Wood Rings - Ted Harris, Indigo Lamp - Michael McGuire - Tower Cubed

Las Manos is getting organize for our next show which will open on Friday, August 22. Ted Harris is designing new lamps scaled to the size and sensibility of the gallery space. Michael continues to hand dye large sheets of watercolor paper and then draws architecturally inspired images over their textured surfaces. Nicole Hollander has agreed to participate with a series of what she is calling 'Water Narrativies', small dioramas with live fish! Nicole will also have a few hand embellished drawings based on Marie Antoinette. Kathryn Trumbull Fimreite will show an beautiful video that sums up the art-making experience succinctly. And we are anticipating new work from Tricia Rumbolz and Michelle Peterson Albandoz. 

Nicole Hollander - Marie Antoinette Has - Hand Embroidered Drawing
Kathryn Trumbull Fimreite - Endeavor II - DVD