Sunday, September 27, 2015

Andersonville Arts Weekend - Opening Night, Friday, October 9,2015

Las Manos will be participating in the 13th annual Andersonville Arts Weekend, October 9,10 and 11. Please join us for an opening reception/party on Friday, October 9 to celebrate the kick off. All of Andersonville will be hosting artists throughout the weekend and Friday night is 'The Night of a Thousand Parties', where most business showcase an artist and put on a little party. At Las Manos Michelle promises a new series of recycled wood pieces, and maybe an installation. Brian Schutz continues his exploration of abstracted architectural models, now encompassing darker tones into his paper and frames. Michael is working on a series of 12 x 18 inch panels in black and white, and will do some crazy installation out of those. The gallery will look amazing and the back courtyard is still very green, perfect place for a cocktail. Scout, around the corner, is planning to have two very talented artists, and they always put on a good party, so there are two fun events to get your evening started.  Did I mention how many new restaurants have opened in the neighborhood this summer? Hope you can make it to Andersonville and Las Manos on Friday, October 9. See you at 7pm.