Friday, October 19, 2012

Equality Illinois hosts "Women's Social" at Las Manos Gallery!

Purchase your ticket online today!

With the cooler weather and leaves changing color, that means it's time for the highly anticipated Equality Illinois Fall Women's Social.  Tickets are already starting to go fast for this year's Social taking place Saturday, October 27 from 4 to 7pm at Las Manos Gallery (5220 N. Clark St. in Chicago).  

Your $50 ticket includes complimentary open bar, food, and many great raffles and giveaways!  It also supports the important and urgent work that we are doing to achieve full LGBT equality.  This will be your last opportunity to see Las Manos in it's current location and mingle with friends while viewing fabulous art.   This Andersonville art gallery has been a staple of its neighborhood and will have a special exhibit on display showcasing work by great Chicago artists.

The work Continues on the new space...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Congrats to Eric Gushee!

Congratulations to Artist Eric Gushee on his show at the The Ukrainian Institute of Modern  Art! We can't wait to have a few more of your creations back at our new space!

Thank you Volunteers!

Las Manos Gallery is close to moving into its new space on 1515 W. Foster Ave.

We love the volunteers and friends of the gallery that appeared and picked up  hammers and glue guns!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Works by Tricia Rumbolz

"6 Colors, 39 Combinations" Colored ink on paper, detail of individual color wheel at right.

"English Alphabet Cluster I & II" White ink on wood panel.

"4 points, 643 lines/3 points, 369 lines/2 points, 183 lines/1 point, 131 lines" Archival ink on wood panel

Friday, October 5, 2012

Las Manos Gallery exhibitions at 5220 N. Clark AND 1515 W. Foster tonight!

Our last show at 5220 N. Clark St is tonight from 6-10pm!

Owner Michelle Peterson-Albandoz tears the brown paper off the windows at 1515 W. Foster, the new location for the gallery.
Tonight will be a soft opening at the new space since the renovation process has just started. Join us for music, drinks and
food at both 5220 N. Clark AND 1515 W. Foster tonight!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cerveza Indio Beer sponsors Las Manos Gallery Event!

Thank you to Cerveza Indio beer and Urban Orchard for providing refreshments and food for the Chicago October Artists
Month Exhibition at Las Manos Gallery on Friday, October 5th from 6-10pm!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Las Manos Gallery Chicago Artists Month opening on Friday, October 5th!

"Catalyst Remastered in Analog" by Jason Hawk

Don't forget Las Manos Gallery's last exhibition at 5220 N. Clark St. is this Friday, October 5th from 6-10pm!

The Migrating Artists: Michelle Peterson-Albandoz, Michael McGuire, Juan Fernandez, Mark Pease, Tricia Rumbolz, Jay Fernandez, Paul Clark, Mieke Zuiderweg, Jason Hawk, Steven Green and Matthew Best.

Michelle Peterson-Albandoz takes her theme of digital landscape one step further during this Chicago Artists Month exhibition.  For Peterson-Albandoz, technical overload leads to the abstraction of information. Continuous access to computers, smart phones and tablets causes a constant stream of data into our conscience. The ability to focus diminishes over time, only letting us pull fragmented bits of information that don't amount to much.
 To capture this disconnect, Michelle has created words and sentences with stencils using layers of paint on wood. This information is then cut down, deconstructing the meaning and leaving only pulses of recognizable letters. By layering them together, Michelle taps into the sporadic focus that is our attention span.

Jason Hawk debuts a new collection of metal sculpture this group show. Hawk, who works in casting, fabrication and forging, has taken a more delicate turn in this series titled “Fabricated Landscapes.”
 The pieces, which spindle into space, manage to look like they cannot hold their own weight- a difficult effect to achieve in this material. Ancient-looking platforms collide with industry-inspired forms that host graffiti art and small human figures to set the scale. This fantastical content lets the viewer instantly create their own narrative- exactly what Jason wants of the work.  

Remember- Las Manos Gallery will be moving to its new location at the beginning of November! Walk a few steps down past the gallery to our new space at 1515 W. Foster Ave in Andersonville