Sunday, July 24, 2011

August Exhibition: Environ

Opening Friday August 5th, 7-10pm

Las Manos Gallery presents “Environ,” an exhibition exploring the subtle but damaging changes in the environment through the influence of man..

Artists partaking in “Environ” all hit upon the same nerve in regards to their observation of the fragile environment around them. The underlying damage done to the land in the name of progress and consumption makes its way to the surface in these works including photography, painting, sculpture and collage.

Artist Krista Charles shows the direct consequences of development over time. Her collection of old matchbooks turned into a study of changing landscapes. Minutely rendered drawings of the exact modern locations listed on the matchbooks show the extreme changes in the land over the decades.

Artists Michelle Peterson-Albandoz and Phil Wright collaborated in the creation of a ten-foot sculptural piece titled “The Migration of X,Y,Z.” This geometric piece brings to mind patterns of migrating birds, an occurrence that might very well not happen in the future due to changing climate.

This group show will open on August 5th, and run through September, 2011. A reception for the artists and the public will be held Friday, August 5th from 7 pm – 10pm at the gallery

Artists featured:
Linda Adele Goodine
Olivia Petrides
Scott Johnson
Michelle Peterson-Albandoz
Michael McGuire
Eric Bos
Phil Wright
Krista Charles
Tate Foley
Patrick Manning
John McCaughey
Steve Becker
Derek Ottens
Monika Wulfers

The Migration...

The making of " The Migration of x, y, z"

Artists Michelle Peterson-Albandoz and Phil Wright
are collaborating to create a 10' x 9' piece made of MDF.
More than 400 mitered cuts make up the work.

The geometric piece is a study of light and shadow and
the flight patterns of migrating birds.

The work will be on display during the gallery's August
show titled "Environ".

The Artists of the Environ Show

John McCaughey's
"The Sleep of Existing Conditions Produces Monsters"

Tate Foley's

Patrick Manning's

Linda Adele Goodine's

Michael McGuire's
"Flag Dumpster"

Olivia Petrides'
"Studies of Greenland Glaciers"

Krista Charles'
"Chris' Curve Inn No.2"

Scott Johnson's
"Pop Rocks"

Eric Bos'
"Two Boxes, Two Squares"

Sidewalk Sale!

Andersonville is having its annual sidewalk sale Friday July 29-Sunday July 31st!

Local businesses, restaurants and Las Manos will showcase a great variety of items for sale both inside and outside. Catch a frosty drink and stroll through the many beautiful objects for sale...

Las Manos Gallery will feature work by its resident artists. The work will be affordable and insightful!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Time-Laspse Video in the Making!

Mieke Zuiderweg photographs Michelle Peterson-Albandoz
in the process of building a 4' x 8' wood panel construction.
900 time-lapse photographs will be converted into a short
film showing the process of the build. Stay tuned-
we'll post it here!

Jay Fernandez at the Center on Halsted

Las Manos Gallery Intern Jay Fernandez has his body of
work titled "The Other Side" at the Center on Halsted in
Boystown through August.

"The Other Side" features two styles of work. First is
Fernandez's colored magazine pages ripped from their
bindings and worked into with paint marker. The faces
of models and scenes are blacked out to evoke the feeling
that the subjects are silent and menacing.

His work on canvas and panel is inspired by "black reflections,"
which oscillate between shiny reflective materials in the work
and matt areas that lack light. These pieces are meant to get a
viewer to reflect on themselves, seeing not a real reflection but
what they really are.

The show is on the third floor of the Center.

Fernandez at the opening

"Black Halo"

"Long Drive"