Friday, July 27, 2012

Las Manos Gallery & Andersonville Sidewalk Sale!

Las Manos Gallery is participating in Andersonville's Sidewalk Sale Friday July 27th and Saturday the 28th.

Items featured: Furniture built by local artists, sculpture and odds & ends from the owner's own collection of eclectic gatherings!

Hours: 11am - 5pm!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Wheel, Reinvented!

Michelle Peterson-Albandoz
Sculpture created from reclaimed window and door frames. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Michael McGuire at Las Manos Gallery

Michael McGuire
McGuire’s line and precision show the inspiration he gained from the architectural world he studied as a graduate student. Using a complex system of simple shapes McGuire controls the negative space and forces the users eye to examine the intricate workings of his structures. 

These simple pen on paper drawings are given a depth made apparent only by the slight shifting of lines. On first glance these meticulous drawings give off a simple air, however, on closer inspection the density of thought put into each line is increasingly apparent. These technical, and controlled works have the distinct touch of the man behind the architecture.  

-by Devin Ross

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Clara Hoag at Las Manos Gallery

Clara Hoag

Hoag makes people. With sawdust, food and other materials wedged into her clay. This process connects to how she feels about the human condition.  What people are composed of and how they compose the world around them.  

Her process combines earthenware and porcelain that is attached with epoxy after the final firing. The porcelain structures enveloping the sculpture are both architectural and organic. The process of constructing and destructing the figure lends to Hoag's idea that growth and change are an integral part of life. 

Cain and Abel
Earthenware, Porcelain and Epoxy

Grace Levine at Las Manos Gallery

Grace Levine

Levine loves exploring paradox. Ugly vs. Beautiful. Mundane vs. Chaos. Naivete vs. the Jaded Mind. 

Her characters are less based on the physicality of someone, but more on the sensation that overcomes her when she recalls their traits. Her attraction to narrating bizarre people, places and things has always accompanied her throughout her existence. 

Levine layers her images, sometimes on drawing paper, other times on overlapping layers of vellum. Her work becomes a tangled cluster of nonsense that ultimately springs forth odd truths. She sees her drawings as "behaving badly," which fittingly intersect with childhood and its and weird splendors.

"Not my finest moment"
Ink, paint and pencil on vellum

Detail of "Not my finest moment"

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Michelle Peterson-Albandoz & Process

"Untitled" by Michelle Peterson-Albandoz

Michelle Peterson-Albandoz works with reclaimed wood. Discarded pieces of porch, flooring and windows with their original patina make their way into her constructions. For her newest "Untitled" piece, a downed oak stump serves as a statement of process. The chunks of wood carefully adhered to the inside of the piece point out the obvious connection of source and product. Much like our pension for fast food, where animals are turned into unrecognizable substances, so is the tree merged down into a distorted commodity for our consumption. 

Bauhaus inspired bucket seats at Las Manos Gallery!

Las Manos Gallery introduces the bucket seat, part of the establishment's new line of affordable and stylish furniture made by Gallery artists!

Seats can be painted, dyed or burnished to your taste. Each chair runs at $220 and can be made to order. Upholstery can be custom made as well.

Call 773-728-8910 for inquiries or visit the gallery at 5220 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL. 60640!

Artists: Derek Ottens (Design) & Phil Wright

The black patterns are teased out of the wood by flame. 

For some of the finer things in life:

Artists: Michelle Peterson-Albandoz & Phil Wright

This bench is made entirely of reclaimed Douglas Fir. Walnut tenons accent the corners. A wax finish brings out the layers of colors. This piece is sold for $675.

Artist: Jim Peterson

This incredible raw Maple wood slab was placed on steel legs to both support its heft and give the piece wonderful balance. Price: $1,200 

Artist: Derek Ottens (Design) & Michelle Peterson-Albandoz
Bee Hive Inspired Table!