Thursday, December 27, 2012

A close-up of Michelle Peterson-Albandoz's Untitled Reclaimed Wood Construction. Shown is the break between
two panels that comprise the diptych. Each panel measures 27.5"h x49.5"w

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Reopening Celebration a Great Success!

The gallery's courtyard makes for a great art space and gathering area!
Work by artist Eric Gushee hangs suspended over the crowd.

"Emergence," one of the many sculptures that will make their home in the gallery's new "Broken Thoughts" courtyard.

Photos to mark the occasion!

New works by Peterson-Albandoz, Doug Reyes, E.C. Rolwing,
Michael McGuire, Mieke Zuiderweg and Eric Gushee graced the walls of the space.

Ray Williams was kind enough to spin Hopkins, Coltrane & Bacharach for gallery visitors!

Artist Michael McGuire gives friend Elena a spin on the dance floor during the opening!

Michelle Peterson-Albandoz strikes a pose with a reclaimed wood panel construction.

New Work in enamel on paper and in oils by long-time gallery artist E.C. Rolwing!

Admirers of Doug Reyes' pristine ceramic vessels!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Las Manos Gallery Reopening Celebration Tonight!

Artist Eric Gushee installs part of his mammoth sculpture in Las Manos Gallery's courtyard in preparation for the gallery's Reopening Celebration and Exhibition slated for tonight, 6-10pm!

Drinks, DJ, Artists and the incredible new space will make for a fantastic evening! Don't 

forget to stop by- 1515 W. Foster Ave., Chicago, IL. 60640.

JackLeg Press event at Las Manos Gallery!

Don't forget about "Two Thieves & a Liar" at the gallery on Saturday at 7pm!