Sunday, August 25, 2013

Up Close - Tricia Rubolz

Tricia Rumbolz - 947 Colors on Black (left), 947 Colors on White (right) - Collaged Paper on Panel - 48 x 48 inches each 
Among the work Tricia Rumbolz has on the walls of Las Manos Gallery this month are these two piece made out of multicolored paper mounted on panel, each 48 x 48 inches. This work is about many things, but many viewers first react to the vibrancy of the color, and then to the meticulousness of the craftsmanship.  In person the experience of viewing these two pieces is mesmerizing; the colors jump and undulate, and your eye move back and forth between the two pieces, (they each actually depict the same sequence of colors but on differently colored backgrounds). None of these qualities are communicated particularly well in photographs. This situation points out a problem with presenting art via photography (and computers, and the internet) - the photograph invariably changes the art being depicted. It flattens, it alters the color, and obviously, it is a change of media alerting a fundamental intention of its creation. Our hope is that few close ups of the piece can to some small degree communicate more clearly special qualities of these pieces. Or better yet, come see them in person if you get a chance.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Contemplating Perception - A Few Images From The Opening

View of the Gallery
Tricia Rumbolz, 2 Focal Points - 262 lines, Ink on Panel, 8 x 10 inches

Chuck Rolwing, White Fences, Oil on Canvas, 41 x 60 inches

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Digital Postcard For Upcoming Show - Contemplating Perception - Opening August 9th

Our new show with some of our favorite artists opens this Friday. Hope you can stop by. 

And a few images from Chuck Rolwing hinting at some of the new work he will be showing this month.