Monday, December 17, 2018

Bobby Get Down Brown

Las Manos will have an irregular schedule over the Holidays. Michael is heading out of town through New Years but Michelle promises to come in on the weekends. It never hurts to call ahead to be sure someone is in the gallery before heading up to Andersonville; 773.728.8910

In the meantime a few new Bobby Brown portraits. Bobby is a neighborhood artist who has had a career in the music business but now pursues painting as a creative endeavor.  And we very much enjoy his paintings too; joyful, clever and witty. We now have a collection of his portraits on the wall of the gallery which we are hoping to keep together as a group.
Bobby Get Down Brown - Group of Portraits - Acrylic Paint on Panel - 68 x 40 inches
Bobby Get Down Brown - Nina Simone - Acrylic Paint on Panel - 8 x 8 x 1 inch
Bobby Get Down Brown - John Legend - Acrylic Paint on Panel - 8 x 8 x 1 inch
Bobby Get Down Brown - Della Reese - Acrylic Paint on Panel - 8 x 8 x 1 inch

Monday, December 3, 2018

Late Night Andersonville - December 7, 2018 - 6 to 9pm

Late Night Andersonville is happening this coming Friday, the 7th of December and Las Manos thought we would throw a little party to celebrate the winter season. Come join us on Friday from 6 to 9pm for a little drink and a little Holiday camaraderie. A lot will be going on in the neighborhood that evening including Chuck Meyers showing new paintings at Scout around the corner.

Michelle Peterson Albandoz - Untitled - Wood, Nails, Wood Glue on Pedestal - 32x32x7 inches
Brian Schutz - Untitled - Archival Mat Board, White Glue, Acrylic Paint in Ikea Frame - 10x10x2 inches
Tricia Rumbolz - Radiating Flower of Life (Inner Focus) - Archival Pen on Paper - 10x10x2 inches
Bobby Get Down Brown - 5 Portraits - Acrylic Paint on Panel 10x8x1 inch and 8x8x1 inch
Kathryn Trumbull Fimreite - Color Pram Study - Acrylic Paint on Mat Board - 10x10x.75 inches
Jeffrey Janson - Study Based Upon Michael McGuire Drawing - Oil Paint on Canvas - 22x15x.5 inches
Tricia Rumbolz - Purple, Red Radiating, Center Focal - Archival Pen on Paper - 9x9 inches
Michael McGuire - Untitled - India Ink, Acrylic Paint on Arches Watercolor Paper - 40 x 26 inches
Jessie Mott - Untitled - Watercolor, Archival Pen on Watercolor Paper - 12x9 inches

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Grace Rowland - 'Ride The Wave'

This weekend Las Manos was happy to host an art installation by Grace Rowland, a senior at The Waldorf School, now located across the street from the gallery. Grace's project consisted of drawing, photography and this wonderful wall piece installed in the front portion of the gallery. This drawing was improvised directly on the wall with black gaffers tape in under three hours. Congratulations Grace, job well done.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

FOUND - New Work Based On Found Materials

We are installing a new show next week based upon the found materials collected over this past summer. Michelle writes: "LAND FILL - This show is about using materials that have been discarded. One less thing tossed into the trash heap that has become our landscape."

Join us of an opening cocktail party on Friday, October 26, 2018 from 6 to 9pm. We are hoping to fill the gallery with thought provoking objects that reflect out interest in reusing found and discarded materials.

Michelle Peterson Albandoz - Untitled - 46.5 x 24 x 2.25 inches
Jose Rodriguez
Michael McGuire - 'Color Rock Study (The Glass Bead Game) 
Michelle Peterson Albandoz - 4 Untitled Panels - Leather, Found Materials and Brass Brads on Hollow Core Doors
Michelle Peterson Albandoz - Untitled - Leather, Found Materials and Brass Brads on Hollow Core Door - 33.5 x 25.5 x1.75 inches
Michelle Peterson Albandoz - 2 Untitled Panels - Leather, Found Materials and Brass Brads on Hollow Core Doors
Michelle Peterson Albandoz - 2 Leather Panels, 2 Columns
Michael McGuire - Untitled - Found Metal on Cable
Detail - Found Gloves

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Andersonville Arts Weekend Friday Night Party—September 14th 2018

They have moved Andersonville Arts Week up a month this year. The opening night party is this coming Friday, September 14th from 6 until 9pm. Please join us for a little cocktail and some new work from both Michelle and Michael. We still have a few Tricia Rumbolz's pieces in the gallery, a number of Brian Schutz's, and two Jeffrey Janson's as well. Join us if you can, the weather looks spectacular and the garden will be open.

Michelle Peterson Albandoz - Untitled - Wood, Acrylic Paint on Panel - 40x30x2.5 inches
Michael McGuire - Untitled - Block Printing Ink on Arches Watercolor Paper - 40x26 inches
Jose Rodriguez - Untitled - Found Wood, Nails, Wire, House Paint - 26x13x9 inches
Tricia Rumbolz - Ascending Wavelengths - Archival Pen on Panel - 24x6x2 inches
Jeffrey Janson - Untitled (Hagar Shores Michigan) - Oil on Canvas - 10x12x2 inches
Michelle Peterson Albandoz - Untitled - Wood, Wood Glue - 70x20x11 inches
Tricia Rumbolz - 3 Drawings - 10x10x2 inches each
Michael McGuire - 5 Drawings - 40x26 inches each

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Jeffrey Janson - August 24 through September 4, 2018

Las Manos is very happy to be  presenting new paintings by Jeffry Janson. We will be holding an opening reception on Friday, August 24, 6 - 9pm. Join us if you can.