Friday, September 18, 2009

New Photographs Show reviewed in Newcity!

Review:New Photographs/Las Manos Gallery


Featuring eight gifted straight photographers and photo-artists practicing in a variety of genres and techniques and experimenting with them intensely, this “spectrum show”’s most powerfully emotive work is Benjamin Wilson’s series of “Interior Spaces,” in which ordinary empty rooms are transformed into surreal sites that smack of ominous antiseptic modernist labyrinthine torture chambers, through the quiet offices of a simple pinhole camera fashioned from a paint can. A second dose of the twilight zone is provided by Mieke Zuiderweg’s small hazy color shots–taken with a primitive plastic Holga camera–of details of the figurative commercial statuary adorning the roofs of stores; shot from below, these icons of kitsch take overpowering command over us poor mortal consumers. For the opposite effect of the finest intricate precision in endlessly involved and layered black-and-white abstractions of tomato cages, fencing and sheeting, look at what Paul Clark does with a plastic Isolyi camera, which he calls “a higher-line Holga.” All power to the primitive. (Michael Weinstein)

Through September 30 at Las Manos Gallery, 5220 N. Clark

Paul Clark from the Garden Series

Benjamin Wilson from the Interior Spaces Series

Mieke Zuiderweg from the Holga Series #1

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